Яда Л.
Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.
«Whishaw, with his light, tremulous voice, painfully thin body, and the kind of cheekbones that will have adolescent girls swooning in the stalls, presents the most raw and vulnerable Hamlet I have ever seen.
He has all the gangliness of adolescence and the unbearable pain of a once bright and happy scholar who returns home to find that his family has imploded and nothing makes sense any more.

No wonder that this inadequate prince finds it so hard to revenge. Whishaw brilliantly captures an adolescent deep in the depths of clinical depression, whose feigned madness sometimes slips terrifyingly into the real thing.
Yet he is also the most lovable of Hamlets. During the soliloquies he genuinely seems to be confiding in us, the audience, with a rare, bruised candour that catches the heart.»

Продам душу за возможность посмотреть. Anyone?..
:weep3::weep3::weep3: Ну вот почему они не могли это хотя бы снять?..

upd. Он еще и Константина в "Чайке" играл. Два моих любимых персонажа в театре - и я никогда не увижу этого. БОЛЬ. :depress:

@темы: Тени в театре, B is for British

2011-12-09 в 22:49 

... без истерик и обмана я пытаюсь быть собой. ©

2011-12-09 в 22:53 

Яда Л.
Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.
Га-а-а-амлет. *плачет*

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